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Echipament de Testere & Certificare si Calificare Ethernet retele gigabit optice & UTP/FTP CAT5e CAT6

Deviser - TC701+FC1 platform

Pretul este pentru FC1- platforma modulara Deviser echipata cu modulul TC701 gigabit Ethernet tester. ( platforma modulara FC1 deviser -7inch suporta si module OTDR seria AE4000 precum si alte module Ethernt,...)
Proiectat pentru retele Ethernet, masoara viteza si performantele cablurilor CAT3, CAT5e si CAT6, conform standardelor si certificarilor ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B si ISO/IEC 11801.
Se ofera facilitati avansate de generare si salvare a rapoartelor pe stick USB, SD card, ...
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Technical Specification

Optical Interface

2 SFP interface, support 100M and GigE

Available wavelength                   850nm, 1310nm and 1550nm

                                                  100Base-LX         1000Base-SX     1000Base-LX    1000Base-ZX   
Wavelength (nm)    1310  850  1310  1550
Tx Level (dBm) -15 ~ -8  -9 ~ -3  -9 ~ -3  0 ~ +5
Rx Level Sensitivity (dBm)   -28  -20  -22  -22
Transmission Distance 15 Km  550 m  10 Km  80 Km
Transmission Bit Rate (Gbit/s)  0.125  1.25  1.25  1.25
Receiving Bit Rate (Gbit/s) 0.125  1.25 1.25 1.25
Tx Working Wavelength Range (nm)      1261 ~ 1360 830 ~ 860  1270 ~ 1360  1540 ~ 1570


Measurement Accuracy

Frequency (ppm):  ±4.6                    ±4.6                   ±4.6                ±4.6               
Optical Power (dB):                               ±2 ±2 ±2 ±2
Jitter Compliance: IEEE802.3 IEEE802.3 IEEE802.3         IEEE802.3         
Ethernet Category: IEEE802.3 IEEE802.3 IEEE802.3 IEEE802.3
Connector: LC LC LC LC
Transceiver Category: SFP SFP SFP SFP







Electric Interface

2 ports: 10/100/1000 Bas-T full duplexing

Automatic or manual detecting through/crossover cable


10Base-T   100Base-T 1000Base-T  
Tx Bit Rate: 10Mbit/s                            125Mbit/s  1Gbit/s
Tx Accuracy (ppm):  ±4.6                                 ±4.6       ±4.6
Rx Bit Rate: 10Mbit/s                            125Mbit/s          1Gbit/s
Rx Measure Accuracy (ppm):     ±4.6                                ±4.6        ±4.6
Duplex Mode:                          Half duplex and full duplex Half duplex and full duplex     Full duplex              
Jitter Compliance:                   IEEE802.3                          IEEE802.3 IEEE802.3
Connector:       RJ-45                                RJ-45        RJ-45
Max Distance (m):    100                                   100      100










General Specification

Dimension: (H x W x D ) 252 x 184 x 76 (mm)   
Weight (with battery):   0.35kg
Operating Temperature: 0℃~50℃
Store Temperature:                   -40℃~70℃
Relative Humidity: 0% ~ 95% (non-condensation)
Working Time: Over 4 hours
Charging Time: 5 hours from full discharge to full charge
Language: Chinese, English


Test Function

Y. 1564

Network configuration and service test on the basis of ITU-T Y.156sam standard, obtain the

bidirectional test result by remote loopback and double test equipment mode


Throughput, Back-to-Back, lost rate and latency on the basis of RFC2544 Frame size: defined

by RFC, 1-7 sizes configured by the user

Stream generation

and detection

Generate bit stream and detect Ethernet and IP stream, clarify and count according to different


Multi Stream

Generate and monitor upmost 10 data stream on Ethernet and IP network. Kinds of configured

data stream analysis, set packet size, MAC source address/destination address, VLAN ID, VLAN

priority, IP source address/destination address, UDP source/destination port and payload

Through Mode Section the data stream between service provider’s network and user’s equipment
BER Test Supports the BER test of up to 4 layers
Pattern (BERT)

PRBS 2E7-1, PRBS 2E9-1, PRBS 2E11-1, PRBS 2E15-1, PRBS 2E20-1, PRBS 2E23-1, PRBS 2E29-1,

PRBS 2E31-1, and a pattern defined by the user. Supports reversal pattern

Error Test (BERT) Bit error, mismatch 0, mismatch 1

Frame Statistics

and Analysis

overrun/maximum, minimum, undersize, FCS, symbol, alignment, conflict
Warning Monitor LOS, link disconnection
VLAN Support

At most two layers VLAN data stream are generated by VLAN ID or VLAN priority on any stackable

VLAN layers

Service Discontinued Time


Includes statistic data, such as the longest discontinued time, shortest discontinued time, last

discontinued time, average discontinued time, counting, total discontinued time

IPV6 Supports BERT, RFC2544, data stream generating and detecting, PING, Traceroute



Optical Power Measurement   Supports optical power test, result displayed by dBm
Remote/intelligent Loopback   Supports equipment to find and set loopback mode automatically
Dual Test Set Mode Supports bidirectional RFC2544 and Y.1564 test
Save and Load Configuration Supports USB device and flash memory to save/load test configuration
Event Record Supports test result records including date, time, detailed information
Report Generation Generate and output test report on the equipment
Remote Control Supports browser visit/control