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 » Antene de satelit offset

Antena satelit offset OUBIX

Dish satelit offset 1.0mt cu picior

Oubix - SK-90-PWT19

Antena satelit offset OUBIX 1m (100*90cm), 0.7mm Fe cu montura fixa si suport perete/podea

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Antena satelit offset OUBIX
Pret: 67.40 RON
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Antena offset 1mt OUBIX cu montura fixa si suport perete/podea
Diameter Long Axis 99cm
Apeture Short Axis 90cm
Offset Angel 24.62º
Ku-BandGain@12.5GHz 40.32dB
F/D Ratio0.6
Focus Length 54cm
Mounting Type Pole&Wall
Material Steel
Finish Polyester Powder Coating
Elevation Alignment 0º~90º
Azimuth AlignmentFixed/0º ~360º
Able to receive 25m/sec
Able to re-set 40m/sec
Operational Winds
Not broken & fly away 60m/sec
Ambient Temperature -40ºC ~ +60˚C
Relative Humidity0~100%

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