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Convertor de tensiune Braun Group QJ-1615

Convertor de tensiune

Braun Group - QJ-1615

Convertor DC/DC 24V->12V, 15-17A

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Braun Group QJ-1615 - DC/DC Converter
 • This series is designed to convert 20-28VDC voltage to 13.8VDC.
 • IT supplies large power and many convenience to your car audio,car electronics and other DC supplied equipment
 • Input : DC24V+-4V
 • Ouput voltage: 13.65-13.8VDC
 • Ripple: <5mV
 • Load regulation: 3%
 • Protection: over-voltage/current-limit/input polarity reverse
Technical Parameters:
Input voltage DC 18V-30V
Output voltage DC 12.5V-14.5V
Rating output voltage 15A - 17A
Size (mm) 190x135x35
Weight (kg) 1.6
Convertor DC/DC 24V->12V
Instalation & Warning

 • Switch off 24V supply
 • Mount dropper in the open with the fins vertical to allow air to circulate do not mount flat or in an enclosed space as this will cause over-heating.
 • Connect 12V Output to equipment
 • Connect 24V Input to supply
 • Switch on 24V supply
 • Check 12V output with multimeter or lamp, DO NOT touch output leads together to see if they spark
 • Certain items cg kettlers should not be run from these units due to the high initial surge currents, if not sure check with manufacturer or supplyer of item.
 • Allways fit fast blow fuses 15A(20A) for QJ-1610(QJ-1615), never use.

 • Unit may be paralleled up for higher currents but care must be observed to ensure that the blue wire from the fuse is connected to the same wire on the other units.
 • For input voltages in excess of 35V DC e.g. 35-70 Volts. The electrolytic capacitors, zender diode and voltage regulator must be changed.
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz